Panama City Layover: Day 15 Florida CT Paddle 2.27.18

Dear Reader,

Today was a lazy day for Miss Pink and Baby Blue. They just lounged around on the dock all day while John and I laid all of our gear out to dry after yesterday morning’s deluge, filled water bags, charged all of our electronics, made a grocery list and tossed old ziplocks and food that was starting to go off.

John and I did snatch moments of just lazing around and this boat was just the place to do it in.

It was super comfortable and clean and well stocked and cool and bug free. I could live on a small boat like this, I think. But don’t tell Miss Pink that. She just might get jealous. Baby Blue too.

I even took an hour or two to lay in bed and read, which is something I expected to be doing a lot more of on this trip, what with the 12 hrs of darkness everyday. Blogging, I guess, is using up some of my otherwise reading time. It’s funny to think I’m writing these missives all with my right thumb. The same thumb that wraps and grasps the paddle for many hours a day. Ah, the mighty opposable thumb that has done so much for our species. It is not letting me down!

The boat’s setting is nice. Despite the highway traffic and bridge (yes, we seem to be hanging around or under or through bridges everywhere we go on this trip). It’s a bridge-y sort of place, this intracoastal waterway bit of Florida which is really the entire panhandle.

There was a Winn-Dixie grocery store just a mile or less away, so we walked there and back to do our shopping for the next five or so days. We carried the day packs we brought along just for said occasion. And then we came back and repacked all our food bags and gear bags and electronics and clothes and toiletries. All dry. All fresh. All clean.

And off into the wilderness tomorrow we go again. But not before just a bit more relaxing.

We are alive.

We are healthy.

We are adventurers.


Cheers, Susana

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