The Estuary Cut Open to the Sea: Nica Nugget #96

Tonight, when John and I walked down to the beach to watch the sunset, we were surprised by all the people at the Talanguera end of the beach, which is near where we live. People playing soccer. Sitting in beach chairs (which is not a common sight). Swimming. Walking. Running. Digging in the sand.

And then we turned south along the beach towards town and were surprised by the new, huge cut in the sand between the estuary and the sea. We got there just in time to watch as the machine that made the cut was trailered away.

Yes, the channel had been cut before, in preparation for a storm that ended up passing to the north of us not long ago. But that channel had filled back up with sand.

And now this cut. I wonder if they’re expecting a lot of rain and wanted to make sure the estuary didn’t flood.

One thing about living on the beach is that it’s always changing.

It’s probably one of the things I love about it the most.

Besides the waves and the sand and the birds and the sounds and the smells and the horizon and the sunsets and the boats.

Sometimes, the beach is rocky at the south end, near the port and the malecon. Sometimes it’s smooth. Sometimes it’s the northern Talanguera end of the beach that’s rocky and at other times it’s smooth. The opposite ends of the beach seem to take turns. And sometimes the entire beach is smooth.

And tonight’s overcast was welcomed. There wasn’t the spectacular sunset we had last night and which we had hoped to have again tonight. But the clouds gave us shade.

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