Getting My Teeth Cleaned: Nica Nugget #1

I had my teeth cleaned by the actual dentist, Dr. Cora, who’s also an orthodontist (vs by a dental hygienist which is more typical in the U.S.).

At noon, which is also a perfect time for a nap for her husband/receptionist/driver (he drives her from the capital city of Managua to see clients in San Juan del Sur two days a week).

The air conditioning is on (and only available here, at the bank, at my lawyer’s office and in the bank’s ATM booth).

The sole reading material is a book of classic Colorado outdoor scenes (including Echo Park, Dinosaur National Park, where we were camped for four nights last month and visited while running the Yampa River with friends just a few weeks ago). 

The cost of the cleaning: $40. 
The enjoyment of our new home: Priceless.

Her husband, napping at the reception desk.


  1. Cora baltodano says:

    I love the picture and the story 🙏🏻😂😂
    So funny my husband pictures thanks for including me in your great stories

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