Three Months of Self-Quarantine: Nica Nugget #97

It is our three-month anniversary of self-quarantining. It began when Costa Rica announced that they were closing their border, because suddenly that made the Pandemic seem locally real (since the Nicaragua government was saying little and the Costa Rica border, which we often cross to access flights to the States and back, is just a 50-minute drive away).

At first we worried about the possibility of there being disruptions to food, propane and purified water being brought into town.

So we made sure our propane tanks were filled and bought two extra 5-gallon jugs and stocked our pantry shelves just a little bit more full.

We stopped going out to eat and I stopped going to water aerobics and yoga.

We cut back on our trips to the tiny grocery store across the street to only once a week, and now we even just text them our list and pick it all up when they have it ready for us.

My online library loans in May 2020.

We go into town once a week. Go to the bank, the pharmacy.

We order takeout once a week and have it delivered.

We buy our produce from a street vendor by the beach.

We don’t have a car here. Nor a motorcycle or a bike.


We have walked everywhere we have had to go.

During these three months:

I have made two puzzles, which I borrowed from friends.

And I have read 15 books, half of which were fiction, and one of which was Leo Tolstoy’s 1,225-page War and Peace, all of which I downloaded for free from a library in the States.

And we hike 2.5 to 5 miles a day (4-8 kilometers). Some of which have been great adventures.

I was at my 92-year-old father’s deathbed in the States VIRTUALLY via WhatsApp. And he mumbled some of his last words to me on my cellphone as I stood below the giant Christ statue and gazed out over ever-beautiful San Juan del Sur Bay.

My deceased Father’s urn at his home in the States. Photo courtesy of Sara Torruella.

And watched our son’s job in the States move from office to home to soon-to-be a mix.

In other words, life has gone on, albeit with some twists and turns.

Life has gotten quiet.

We couldn’t take it anymore and so last night, in a three-month celebratory mood (hooray- we’ve made it this far!) we walked to Buen Gusto’s for our favorite cocktail, a Macua, on the beach for the sunset. And it was oh so nice! Just us and the owner.

So, cheers! Here’s to three months of self-quarantine!

How has it gone for you?

Stay safe!

Enjoying Macuas at Buen Gusto on the beach.

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