Back to Quiet in Town: Nica Nugget #11

While Saturday night was busy in town with Managuans enjoying a long beach weekend, yesterday the town was back to being sleepy. Yet it was no less colorful than usual. 

The Market corner was the busiest spot, with taxis and buses and cars and bicycles. And the park had a few people, but most of the benches were empty. And the streets were empty enough to make spotting the plantain truck easy. 

If you’ve ever thought: “San Juan del Sur is too crowded with tourists and backpackers” or “I wonder what San Juan del Sur was like before all the tourists,” well, come visit during the week now and get a taste of it.

See for yourself. 

There’s now infrastructure and services which wouldn’t have existed here 10 years ago. And there aren’t the crowds now that have been growing over the past ten years.

Infrastructure up. Crowds down.