Chocorron, The Milkman and his Cart: Nica Nugget #8

First off, this video is not mine. Kathleen Brugger spent a day riding along with Chocorron in his horse-drawn milk cart in February 2017, shot this video and added English subtitles. She shared it with me day before yesterday via FB Messenger after seeing my Nica Nuggets which I’m also posting on the Life in San Juan FB group.

Then yesterday morning, there he was! Chocorron that is, and his cart. I was in the back seat of a friend’s truck on our way to Rivas to buy some tile for a bathroom project (yes, some of the tile in our bathrooms is coming loose). And there on the corner of the Chocolata Road and the main road, which goes from Rivas to San Juan del Sur, was Chocorron heading into San Juan. I pounded John’s shoulders. “There he is! There he is! Chocorron and his milk cart! Heading into San Juan!”

Our friend, a local, laughed. Of course he’s known Chocorron and his milk cart all his life.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did. The tour of San Juan del Sur, in all its Nica-ness, alone is worth a watch.