South Beach Store: Nica Nugget #65

This morning as I was heading to the southern beaches with Eve Kohlman, we stopped at a corner store in Las Delicias (a neighborhood just south of town).

The store was adorable, starting with the bright colors and the fountain out front. Inside there were cakes and flan in the cooler, pepperoni, tonka trucks, birthday candles, placemats and cutting boards. It’s a fully stocked grocery store with a scale for buying bulk rice and beans and a cooler with chicken.

I was wandering the aisles with my mouth wide open.

At the counter, I recognized Cinthia Membreño who used to work at the Pulperia La Talanguera. And she and her co-worker Maria Thâîž Öřťïż told me the story … of Maria José Ortiz Gutierrez and her husband Wilbur (who own the Pulperia La Talanguera by my house) opening the South Beach Store last March. Wow. I was and am impressed.

Congratulations Wilbur and Maria Jose. I think your new store will be a great success.