Torrential Rain: Nica Nugget #15

The river breaks through to the sea.

The past two mornings I’ve awakened to torrential rains. It pounded on the plastic tiles on the roof of our porch and poured down the gutter spouts. It even entered through hairpin cracks under the aluminum windows in our bathrooms, ran down the walls and puddled on the floor.

I never left the house yesterday for the first time in over a month since we’ve been back. But today when the downpour ended we had to stretch our legs.

With the rain and the high tides and the human dredging of the sand, the river has finally broken through to the sea. The ferry boat is back in its place ready to transport passengers and bicycles. Motorcycles though will have to start taking the long road around to town.

Denisa with het stuffed Osolito (little bear)

We saw our friend Denisa with Osolito, her bear sitting outside of her house. No school today because of the rain. No school yesterday either. Only mud and puddles in front of the closed-up school house.

The birds were flying funny too, this morning in the gaps between squalls. Their long tails dragged like rudders and their wings didn’t beat quite right.

The neighbor dog, Nella, took advantage of a slight break in the rain too. John found her curled up on the couch in our covered terrace, muddy paw prints and all.

There was lightning, followed by loud, close claps of thunder. I was shocked the power was still on. And it wasn’t until the rain stopped and the sky turned a rich hue of blue that the power finally went out. Delayed like the thunderclaps. But now, hours later, still sticking around.

Dirt roads turns to slick mud and puddles